Relationship between WWE and 2K Sports is complicated

As we saw during SummerSlam, WWE 2K22 will only be released in March of next year, something that is unusual as WWE always releases its annual video game in October or November.

This delay may be due to the implementation of improvements to the game, but it seems that the relationship between WWE and 2K Sports is getting worse and there has been a lot of discussion between the two parties about WWE 2K22.

According to Sports Gamers Online, several sources within 2K Sports and Visual Concepts have stated that there have been several discussions about the new game, WWE 2K22, with some decisions by WWE officials causing concern to developers the game.

The big disagreement between the two parties happened because of the date when the game will be released. WWE wanted the game to be released at the usual time, close to the Survivor Series, while 2K Sports and Visual Concepts wanted the game to be released only in March 2022, as it will.

Another problem that those developing the game has also been facing is the high number of layoffs that WWE has done in recent months, as the team that is developing WWE 2K22 has already done the scanning of all the fighters that will be in the game and many of them have already been fired. With this, it should be noted that it is possible that many fighters fired by WWE will become part of WWE 2K22.

Finally, it seems after the failure of WWE 2K20, WWE even considered breaking up with 2K Sports, something that didn’t happen before WWE 2K22. Still, with all these problems, this could be the last collaboration between the two companies.

What expectations do you have for WWE 2K22? Do you think WWE should stop partnering with 2K Sports and look for another company to make video games for them?