Released! Roger Guedes breaks up with Chinese and approaches Corinthians

The long-awaited termination of Roger Guedes’ contract with Shandong Luneng took place this Monday.

The athlete’s manager, Paulo Pitombeira, and lawyer Breno Tannuri reached an agreement with the Chinese, who accepted the termination of the contract in a “friendly” manner. The bond would run until May 2022.

The 24-year-old player has been unable to return to the Asian country since December last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and for that reason he requested a termination.

Now, free on the market, Roger Guedes will sit down with his manager to define the future of his career.

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Among the proposals received, Corinthians was the one that most pleased. The attacker is already in São Paulo.

As the transfer window closes on Tuesday of next week, everything needs to be resolved quickly, with registration in the BID (Daily Newsletter) of the CBF, so that he is able to act this season.

THE Sports Gazette found that Timão offered a contract valid until December 2024, with gloves diluted in the salary. Most economic rights would also belong to the athlete himself.

The intention of the Corinthians board is to end this year’s hiring cycle with Roger Guedes. There was already a space on the squad’s payroll reserved for the striker. The monthly expense, even with the reinforcement, will continue to be reduced compared to the beginning of the year.

Duilio Monteiro Alves admitted that Roger Guedes showed willingness to reinforce Sylvinho’s cast. Recently, Renato Augusto and Fábio Santos, personal friends of the striker, also spoke about his anxiety about joining the alvinegro group.

The scenario indicates that Corinthians should really be the fate of Roger Guedes, but the deal still needs to be confirmed.

Roger Guedes has not been on the field for eight months. In China, he lived three successful seasons. In the last one, he scored 12 goals in 17 games.

In Brazil, after being revealed by Criciúma, he went through Palmeiras and Atlético-MG.

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