Researcher discovers unpublished songs by Belchior in dictatorship archives

Researcher found new songs by Belchior – Photo: Reproduction

Journalist and music researcher Renato Vieira found seven new songs by composer and singer Belchior. Some songs were composed together with Fagner and Fausto Nilo.

According to information from Folha de São Paulo, “End of the World”, “Baião de Dois Vinte e Dois”, “Alazão”, “Guess”, “Other Constellations”, “Beep… Beep…” and “Posto em Sossego” are the songs found.

The lyrics appeared from 1971 to 1979 to the Public Entertainment Censorship Division. This was the body created by the military dictatorship to carry out analyzes of artistic productions.

The researcher made it clear that he did not find any phonographic records. This means that the songs may have been performed, but not released. He also noted that none were censored.

Renato said he doesn’t know the reasons for the compositions not having been released. However, he throbbed. “I think it was issues with the record companies. ‘Adivinha’, for example, was sent by Copacabana in 1971, and he stayed there for a short time. Between that year and 1972, which is when most of these songs were submitted, he only made one recording. It could have been the natural difficulty at the beginning of his career”, he comments.

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Belchior and reissues

In 2013, the researcher reissued 11 records from Ceará. He makes it clear that he is always looking for lost works. “As Belchior doesn’t have an organized collection, my desire is to collect the pieces because it’s important to rescue this memory of someone so important to Brazilian music”, he explains.

“I just want people to know that this material exists, we do research for it. And there is always something to discover about Belchior”, he added.