Revenue opens query for fourth batch of refunds on Tuesday

The Internal Revenue Service will open consultation of the fourth batch of income tax refunds for 2021 as of 10:00 am this Tuesday (24).

3,819,743 taxpayers will be covered. Bank credit will be carried out on August 31, in the total amount of R$ 5.1 billion. Of this total, BRL 273,252,487.49 refer to the amount of taxpayers who have legal priority, with 8,185 elderly taxpayers over 80 years old, 67,893 taxpayers between 60 and 79 years old, 6,088 taxpayers with a physical or mental disability or serious illness and 26,647 taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching.

A total of 3,710,930 non-priority taxpayers who submitted their declaration by August 16, 2021 were also covered.

IRPF Consultation

To find out if the declaration was released, the taxpayer must access the Revenue page on the Internet (

In consulting the Revenue page, e-CAC service, you can access the statement extract and see if there are data inconsistencies identified by processing. In this case, the taxpayer can assess the inconsistencies and make the self-regulation, upon delivery of a rectifying statement.

The Revenue also provides an application for tablets and smartphones that facilitates consultation of IRPF statements and CPF registration status. With it, it will be possible to consult directly in the IRS databases information on the release of IRPF refunds and the registration status of an enrollment in the CPF.

refund payment

The refund payment is made directly to the bank account informed in the Income Tax Declaration. If for some reason the credit is not made (if, for example, the account informed was deactivated), the amounts will be available for redemption for up to 1 (one) year at Banco do Brasil.

In this case, the citizen may reschedule the credit of the amounts in a simple and quick way through the BB Portal, accessing the address:, or calling the BB Relationship Center through the telephones 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800-729-0088 (special telephone only for the hearing impaired).

If the taxpayer does not redeem the amount of his refund within one year, he must request it through the e-CAC Portal, available on the IRS website, accessing the menu Declarations and Statements > My Income Tax and clicking on “Request refund not redeemed in the banking network”.