Rodrigo Bocardi gets angry and responds to live viewer

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Rodrigo Bocardi went through a situation complicated during the presentation of “Good Morning São Paulo”, broadcast this Tuesday morning (24). The presenter did not like the message from a viewer, was irritated with what was said and did not spare words to respond live to the internet user who criticized Rede Globo.

The journalist was reading messages from internet users about the strike of the Companhia Paulista de Trens, which is taking place in São Paulo, when a man decided to expose his indignation with Globo. It seems that the comment was not made at a good time, because the presenter was without the slightest patience and responded saying that the message from the internet user was a joke.

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The internet user’s comment came after an interview with a woman who was rushing to make it to her first day of work on time, after being unemployed for more than a year. She was afraid of being late due to the strike that is taking place and harming millions of people.

Dissatisfied with the interview that aired, an internet user sent a message to the news program mocking the fact that the reporter interviewed, among hundreds of people, someone who was starting her work in a new job: “O Bom Dia São Paulo think to interview exactly a lady who is starting today. This Globo is a joke”.

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While I was on the screen, in the studio of “Good Morning São Paulo”, reading the messages sent by viewers, most of them about the stoppage of trains due to the strike, Rodrigo Bocardi made a point of saying who had separated a message from an internet user: “I even separated this message, I insisted on separating it”.

The TV news presenter didn’t think twice and released the verb against the author of the message, who introduced himself as Welington Ferraz. Without much patience, Bocardi called the viewer’s message a joke and explained how the interviewees were selected: “The joke is in your message, not in our behavior. We were listening to people at random”.

Indignant with what was written to be read live, Rodrigo explained the situation that many people, as well as the interviewee, were going through at the same time and continued speaking: “Maybe it’s not your case, but how many people are not there in your first day [de trabalho] in the middle of a pandemic, getting a job?”.

After separating, reading and responding live to the viewer’s comment, Rodrigo Bocardi continued reading the other messages that had been sent to “Bom Dia São Paulo”. The official morning news anchor has recently returned to command of the news, he was being replaced by journalist Michelle Barros.

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