RP price at LoL and VP at Valorant will increase in Brazil

THE Riot Games announced that the price of their virtual currencies in LoL and Valorant will go up here in Brazil. both the PR (Riot Points – LoL) as the VP (Valorant Points) will have an increase of about 15% from September 8th.

The adjustment will also be made in other regions due to inflation and currency fluctuations. Despite not specifying what the new prices will be, the company revealed the percentage increase in RP and VP in other regions, check:

  • Brazil: +15% average price increase
  • Colombia: +11% average price increase
  • Costa Rica: +16% average price increase
  • Mexico: +17% average price increase
  • Chile: +16% average price increase
  • Uruguay: +17% average price increase
  • Peru: +15% average price increase
  • Russia: +6% average price increase
  • Turkey: +17% average price increase
  • Europe (EUR, GBP & HUF currencies only): -5% average price decrease

Not to catch players by surprise, in addition to the two-week deadline, the company will also double the RP and VP bonuses on each package. That way, if you buy 2600 RP, for example, instead of earning 200 additional RP, you’ll earn 400.

The double bonus will be given to whoever buys the PR or VP between August 23 (from 5 pm) and September 8 (until 5 pm).

RP price in LoL
Current RP price in LoL. (Image: Playback/LoL)