Samsung unveils DDR5 memory modules up to 512GB and 7.2Gbps

Novelty of the company is able to achieve double the capacity and speed

Last year we were introduced to future RAM advances with the official unveiling of DDR5, which brings amazing improvements in reading speed, capacity and performance. Since then some manufacturers have unveiled their first memory sticks with this technology. Now it was time for Samsung show a little about the new memories DDR5-7200, which are targeted to be used in the data center.

The company’s novelty draws attention to the new DRAM design that has eight layers of functions on each chip., being made in 8-Hi TSV (Through-Silicon-Vias). Each of these stacks measures only 1.0 mm in height and, in all, a comb of the The company’s new RAM memory has 20 memory chips stored in two main channels. In addition, these layers have the technology DDR5 TSV which, together with the thin wafer handling technique, are able to reduce the gap between matrices by 40%.

These new technologies used in memories Samsung DDR5-7200 lead the model to present quite considerable advances, especially when compared to DDR4. Operating at basic frequencies, the manufacturer advises that its new RAM sticks can reach speeds of up to 7.2 Gbps with an electrical voltage of 1.1V.

Credits: Samsung Disclosure

In all the Samsung says that his new memories can present a up to 40% higher performance, with speeds up to 2.2 times faster, managing to have double the memory and with a voltage 0.92x lower compared to DDR4. Another feature present in the company’s model is the PMIC (Power Management In-Chip) feature, which is able to offer an 18% higher bus efficiency than previous technology.

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There are also some other technologies used in the comb that are very important for its operation, such as the error-free interconnect for TSVs and a cimproved cooling capacity with a lower air flow.

THE Samsung announced that the new memory sticks DDR5-7200 RAM for data center will come with a limit of 512GB DDR5, but the manufacturer said it will not stop there. The South Korean giant has suggested that in the future it should create RAM sticks for next generation servers with Terabyte capacities, something that should happen in the near future, mainly because she believes that DDR5 will be the main computing standard from 2023 or 2024.


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Source: Samsung, WCCFTech