São Paulo idol blows up the club’s medical department, criticizes Benítez and cites what Crespo needs to change

O São Paulo lives a turbulent moment in the season after being eliminated in Libertadores Conmebol. With many players sidelined by injury, the matter has been worrying and criticized. Club idol, Muller reinforced what has been said and even added a speech about the athletes’ preparation.

“São Paulo has an outdated medical department. If the player enters there, he is already graduated as a doctor. As time stopped, it recycled many professionals. Crespo could also say that the many muscle bruises come from his physical trainer. But there’s going to be a big makeover in CT. And it has to be. A player stays in the medical department for 20, 30 days,” he told the SBT Arena.

Another point criticized by the former player was coach Crespo. Muller said he believes the Argentine is a good coach, but that he needs to have more repertoire.

“Crespo is a good coach, he just can’t die with conviction, only Coach has to have repertoire. Just be left with three defenders stopped like a pole, as Ron will score. It is not necessary. Reinaldo has to play, because he is the best left-back, along with Arana. He has to have diversity. Gives up a defender. Put Reinaldo, Benítez and the forward, change a game”, he pointed out.

Finally, the former player spoke about Tricolor’s hiring policy, criticizing Benítez and stating that the team needs players who decide games.

“São Paulo cannot sign a player like Benítez. He plays 20 minutes well because it’s good. The sky closed in São Paulo, it hurts. He is physically bad. São Paulo needs to hire a player who can solve it”, he said.

“São Paulo is a team that knows how to sell its players, but doesn’t know how to hire. To give you an idea, the last good right-back for São Paulo was Cicinho. São Paulo hires players to compose the group. São Paulo needs a player to solve it”, concluded.