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From Arsenal, England, attacking midfielder Willian, 33 years old, entered the Corinthians radar and started to excite the fans with the possibility of returning to the club where he was revealed.

Although seen as difficult by the Corinthians board and the player’s fatigue, the deal is not ruled out by either party. However, there is little time, as the transfer window for Brazil closes next Monday.

Below, the ge gives an overview of Willian’s situation and explains what brings the player closer and further away from Timon.

  • Arsenal open to trade

Willian had a conversation with Edu Gaspar, Arsenal’s technical coordinator, and exposed a series of dissatisfactions with the club’s sports project that motivated him to ask to leave. His wish was accepted, and the English club was open to releasing the athlete, who has a contract for two more seasons.

Because of that, Willian wasn’t even related to the last Gunners games. In his first year for the London club, the player played 37 games and scored a goal.

Willian has not been linked to Arsenal and is likely to leave the club — Photo: Rui Vieira/Reuters

Corinthians has a great relationship not only with Willian, but also with the people around him. The player is managed by Giuliano Bertolucci and Kia Joorabchian, businessmen with good traffic with the board of alvinegra.

They were the ones who were first surveyed by Timão to find out about the possibility of hiring the attacking midfielder.

In addition, Severino Vieira da Silva, the player’s father, is frequently present at Parque São Jorge and usually talks to club officials, especially in the youth categories.

In an interview with the ge, Severino stated that the transfer “is difficult, but not impossible”. And that Corinthians has been interested in Willian’s return for a long time.

Trained at Corinthians, Willian has always expressed the desire to one day return to the club with his heart.

On Sunday, he published a photo watching the game of Timon against Athletico, a fact that left the crowd even more hopeful.

For Corinthians, he played 41 games and scored two goals before being traded with Shakhtar Donetsk, from Ukraine, in 2007.

Willian, in his childhood, wearing the Corinthians shirt — Photo: Reproduction

Willian and the people who work with him understand that the player still has the potential to sign a contract with another big club in Europe.

Living abroad for almost 14 years, the player has no desire to return to Brazil now. He has business in England and gives priority to teams from the Old Continent.

The devaluation of the Real against other currencies is also an important factor. Currently, the Euro is worth R$ 6.32.

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Willian prefers to continue playing in Europe instead of returning to Brazil — Photo: REUTERS

It is no secret that Corinthians is facing a moment of financial difficulties.

After wiping the payroll and spending eight months without hiring players, Timão managed to close with Giuliano and Renato Augusto and is now close to Roger Guedes. Thus, one more big name – and high salary – could lead the club off the path of financial austerity.

Commenting on Willian’s situation, Corinthians leaders say that the deal is not impossible, but that it will only happen under very atypical and favorable conditions for the club – such as, for example, with Arsenal agreeing to pay part of the athlete’s salaries in a loan .

Currently, Willian receives around R$700,000 a week, an amount completely out of the realm of alvinegra.

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Banner Corinthians — Photo: Disclosure