Sertanejo Zé Neto shows “volume” in shorts and shakes the web

Singer Zé Neto wasted no time and once again caused a real stir on the web. The country singer posted on his Instagram account, this Tuesday (24/8), some photos enjoying a heavenly place in Mexico, alongside his wife, digital influencer Natália Toscano. But it was not the beautiful cave with crystal clear water that caught the attention of his followers, but a certain “volume” in his shorts.

“Adam and Eve in the Blue Lagoon”, joked Zé Neto in the caption of the images, adding an emoji of laughter.


The publication gained many comments shortly thereafter. “Zé metro is back”, wrote a follower. “Can you enter the cave armed?” asked another. “The zoom was automatic”, revealed a netizen. “I think I saw an anaconda in that lake. Only I saw it?” commented another. “I guarantee that it wasn’t just me who zoomed in to see more closely,” added a fan of the sertanejo.

hurricane on the trip

Zé Neto and Natália Toscano went through a suffocation on Thursday (19/8). Staying in Cancun, the couple shared the passage of Hurricane Grace, with winds of up to 130 km per hour.

The digital influencer reported, in Stories on Instagram, the experience: “Dear Jesus, they said this was level 1. No kidding, I think we managed to sleep at more than four o’clock in the morning.”

Then, the countryman asked his wife to show them their room at the hotel, which even with the windows closed, the rain ended up coming in and the environment was taken by water.

“The suitcases are all flooded. Look at the wind… the sea is all overturned”, said Natalia, also showing the outside. “It says this is level 1, right? I don’t even want to see level 2, 3, 4,” she continued.