Show of empathy, tears and ‘broken heart’ mark the end of ‘The Voice Kids’ Battles | 2021

Hang on, sweetheart! 💓 The end of the Battles phase at The Voice Kids, on Sunday, 8/22, raised the heart rate of our coaches, presenters and home audiences. Hyper-talented, participants gave sweeping presentations that played to the background. Brown, Gaby and Teló did not hide their emotion nor did they spare praise from the participants.

The kids, in turn, gave a real lesson in friendship as they cheered for their colleague’s victory. It’s a lot of maturity! Beautiful thing, Brazil! 🥺 But there’s no way, when the coach defines the only voice that continues in the competition representing his team, the heart is broken, as Teló said. 💔 Come with us to check everything that happened on the last day of Battles! 🙃

Although each Battle has a winner, which goes to the next stage, the participants showed this season that they were truly involved in the mission of promoting a beautiful show with their partners and the support for each other was genuine. In moments like the result of the presentation of the trio Ana Carolina Floriano, Babi Mello and Evellyn Katzer, from Team Gaby, it leaves the heart warm.

Ana Carolina and Babi applaud their friend, Evelyn, who was chosen as the winner of Batalha — Photo: Globo

Evelyn was chosen for the technique to continue representing the team in the competition and she thanked her friends, who were thrilled for her. “I want to say: you sing a lot! I want to see you on other stages”, said the girl from Rio Grande do Sul.

“Friend, and you were perfect then,” Babi replied. Proud of her pupils, Gaby commented, “I love it.”

Ana Carolina Floriano, Babi Mello and Evelyn Katzer sing 'Don't go away'

Ana Carolina Floriano, Babi Mello and Evelyn Katzer sing ‘Don’t go away’

Many tears (of emotion) 😭

The Battle between Elana Rei, Izabelle Ribeiro and Luana Mello, to the sound of “If I Didn’t Love You That Much”, turned the feelings of our technicians. Brown and Gaby let the tears run down their faces and praised the girls’ commitment and talents.

“This interpretation, this pure way of singing love, we want this. This feeling that we are looking for in us, that love comes with this purity of healing, which awakens in this meeting of body and soul is water , which are these tears that you tear from people who are technicians, and from the country as a whole, that we don’t know why you’re crying“, said Brown, moved.

Gaby gets emotional at ‘The Voice Kids’ — Photo: Globo

“I have a hard time crying in public, because I’ve always heard that I have to be strong, that I can’t show weakness. Anyone who is a black woman knows what I’m talking about. But you three brought me down, brought me to tears“, completed Gaby, crying.

Elana Rei, Izabelle Ribeiro and Luana Mello sing 'If I Didn't Love You So Much'

Elana Rei, Izabelle Ribeiro and Luana Mello sing ‘If I Didn’t Love You So Much’

Safe! And the last performance of the day was, exceptionally, by a quartet. As in the Blind Auditions phase, Team Teló had one more participant, now the coach had to prepare a quartet to close his team’s vacancies. Of the four, he can choose just to stay on the reality show.

What was already a “problem”, right, Teló? To top it off, Clarah Passos, Henrique Bonadio, Júlia Antonini and Maria Alice Martins prepared very well and gave an incredible show by releasing their voices in the classic “Hey Jude”, From Beatles. The hearts were snatched and the standing ovated!

Quartet of Time Teló performed with ‘Hey Jude’, by the Beatles — Photo: Globo

“What a magical thing! I’m astonished!” Brown summed up.

“I was blessed to have a quartet here with voices of angels. And I had the joy of winning The Voice with Tony Gordon singing this song, it was very special,” recalled Teló.

Teló says his heart is divided into 4 by his quartet — Photo: Globo

“It would be fair for me to choose any one of you, the four were spectacular. My heart breaks into four here. I am very grateful for having lived this moment, this emotion“, said Teló, before announcing that Henrique was the winner of Batalha.

Review the moment here 👇

Clarah Passos, Henrique Bonadio, Júlia Antonini and Maria Alice Martins sing 'Hey Jude'

Clarah Passos, Henrique Bonadio, Júlia Antonini and Maria Alice Martins sing ‘Hey Jude’

‘The Voice Kids’: Last Day of Battles has coaching emotion and four-voice ‘magical’ presentation

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