Silvio Santos kidnapping suspicion will release book with details of the case

20 years ago, the kidnapping of Patrícia Abravanel and presenter Silvio Santos stopped the country. Now, a new story, worthy of a movie script, will soon be told by manicurist Josiane Santos Batista, who was considered one of the suspects of being part of the group that kidnapped the daughter of the owner of SBT. In an interview with the newspaper Extra, Josiane revealed that she is going to release a memoir entitled “Silvio Santos in the crosshairs of my 38″. The work tells how she, who at the time worked in a school cafeteria, found herself in the news after being accused of being the sixth bandit of the group led by Fernando Dutra Pinto, the mentor of Patrícia’s kidnapping.

At the time, the manicurist became suspected of participating in the crime after a .38 caliber Taurus revolver, which was in the kidnapper’s possession when he returned to the presenter’s house, was seized by police. It turns out that the weapon, however, was in Josiane’s name. “When I saw my gun and my face on television being searched for, I felt something in my legs, my blood came down. I thought: ‘I’m screwed’”, said the manicurist, who had the gun seized by the police while still in his teens, when he was arrested for robbery. Years after the crime and after having “restarted” her life, Josiane was once again in the police’s eye. According to the manicurist’s account, the gun found with Fernando Dutra was in the possession of one of the police officers who worked at the police station where she was arrested.

“The revolver was with one of the officers who worked in the 25th at the time they caught me and when he was shot Fernando took the revolver and took it with him. I used to think that a weapon was either destroyed or I don’t know, it went to someone, took it from the person’s name. But I was with this policeman there,” she argued. All these stories will be in the book, which was created after a conversation between Josiane and her nephew, who is a journalist. “Did you know that when I was a child I was crazy about Silvio? I went on school excursions to every ‘Sunday in the Park’ he performed. I must have been around 11 years old, and I was very close to Silvio. Then, so many years later, this happens. It can only be fate”, she concluded.