20 years ago, the kidnapping of Patrícia Abravanel and presenter Silvio Santos stopped the country. Now, a new story, worthy of a movie script, will soon be told by manicurist Josiane Santos Batista, who was considered one of the suspects of being part of the group that kidnapped the daughter of the owner of SBT.

In an interview with the newspaper Extra, Josiane revealed that she is going to release a memoir entitled “Silvio Santos in the crosshairs of my 38″. The work tells how she, who at the time worked in a school cafeteria, found herself in the news after being accused of being the sixth bandit of the group led by Fernando Dutra Pinto, the mentor of Patrícia’s kidnapping.

Photo: Reproduction

At the time, the manicurist became suspected of participating in the crime after a .38 caliber Taurus revolver, which was in the kidnapper’s possession when he returned to the presenter’s house, was seized by police. It turns out that the weapon, however, was in Josiane’s name.

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