Simaria invites Whindersson Nunes: ‘Let’s have a beer?’

Newly separated, Simaria, 39, made an invitation to her friend Whindersson Nunes, 26. The singer joked and called the comedian for a beer. The phrase is in reference to the request he made when Gusttavo Lima split from Andressa Suita. After 14 years, the singer announced last week the end of her marriage to the Spaniard Vicente Escrig.

In a post on Instagram Stories, the singer posed next to the comedian and made the invitation. “Would you like a beer?” she asked.

Recently, Gusttavo also made the invitation after learning about the end of the comedian’s relationship with Civil Engineering student Maria Lina.

After announcing the end of the marriage last Monday (16), Simaria said that everything is fine and that he wants the now ex to be very happy. He has two children with a Spaniard, Giovanna, 9, and Pawel, 5.

My loves, good afternoon! Before the news gets out, I’ll tell you myself! I communicate to everyone that my relationship with Vicente came to an end after 14 years. It was a thoughtful decision, very clearly,” she said. “We had beautiful times together, two wonderful children, who are our greatest assets. I ask God that Vicente is very happy, because he deserves it. I want to thank everyone for their support. I intend, from now on, to be even happier, even without the man I once loved so much.

The sister, Simone, said that Simaria is doing well after the announcement of the separation. “She’s fine!! She is a strong, beautiful woman who deserves all the happiness in the world,” he declared.