Sonia Abrão detonates Viviane Araújo after elimination at Dança dos Famosos

Last Sunday (8/22), Sonia Abrão made a publication talking about the elimination of Viviane Araújo from Super Dança dos Famosos. The presenter said that justice was done in the program, with popular vote classifying actress Dandara Mariana for the final.

“WHO DOES, PAYS? The public’s note took Viviane Araújo from Super Dança dos Famosos, in which she was favorite, taking Dandara Mariana to the final, next Sunday! Many people think that Vivi took a change in her life for having unfairly raffled her choreographer Adeilton Ribeiro, right in the first phase of the competition, betting on victory!”, he wrote.

Sonia Abrão also concluded, predicting a big dispute in the final. “But then he painted wonderful Dandara on the track and justice was done! Took!!! Now, Paola Oliveira and Rodrigo Simas can take care of themselves, because once again, the contestant put on a show! Give her a hand!!!”

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