Sport’s Board outlines the profile of the new coach, praises the trio and wants to announce their name until this Tuesday | sport

Sport began the week defining the departure of coach Umberto Louzer, after the defeat to São Paulo, last Sunday. With no time to waste – with Serie A in progress -, the Rubro-negro draws the desired profile and wants the new commander in Ilha do Retiro in the team’s re-presentation, this Tuesday.

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The board had its first internal conversations on Sunday and has been meeting since Monday morning to define the next steps. This is what explains the club’s vice president of football, Nelo Campos.

– Thank Umberto for his work and that of the entire commission. Very loyal, competent, hardworking. Unfortunately, by mutual agreement, we thought it was time to make the replacement. These are difficult decisions, but they have to be made. Now we are defining the profile. We have to define and then talk about names.

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Newsroom comments Louzer's resignation after Sport's loss to São Paulo

Newsroom comments Louzer’s resignation after Sport’s loss to São Paulo

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Now, the expectation of the board is that the new coach will participate in the re-presentation of the cast – scheduled for Tuesday. This is because Sport is in the relegation zone and returns to the field at 5 pm on Saturday, against Chapecoense, in Ilha do Retiro.

“We are working on that name so that it comes as soon as possible. We practically do not sleep. The objective is to have a coach, if possible, until the re-presentation of tomorrow (Tuesday)” – said Nelo Campos.

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Regarding possible names, the Rubro-negro football vice president answered about Rogério Ceni, Hélio dos Anjos and Dado Cavalcanti. All without a club and free on the market.

Excellent names. But so far no one has been contacted. First we were together until dawn, then early in the morning to make the decision. We had to communicate with respect to the professional, correct with Sport. Now, with the arrival of the board and the president, we restart the meeting.

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Expecting to define the new name this week, the board prioritizes the financial conditions and the ability to offer balance to the Sport team. In 18th place in the table, the team boasts the best defense in Serie A – but it also has the worst attack in the championship.

– First, let’s look for a profile that fits the financial reality of Sport. It’s not easy either. It’s important that a coach comes with the DNA of Sport, knows the needs and gives that balance that Umberto unfortunately failed to achieve in this final stretch. Despite having good numbers with our management.

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Nelo Campos at a meeting with the Sport cast — Photo: Anderson Stevens / Sport Club do Recife