Stardew Valley will have first professional championship financed by the creator himself

One of the most famous indie games among PC fans is finally approaching esports. Stardew Valley will win its first professional influencer competition in September, all competing for a total prize pool of $40,000 financed by the game’s creator himself.

The announcement was made by ConcernedApe, the mind behind the game, on his Twitter. There, he mentioned that it will be “a competition of skill, knowledge and teamwork”. Check out the original tweet below.

In a YouTube video, the organizer and presenter of the UnsurpassableZ competition mentioned that there will be more than 100 activities that will earn points for the four teams present in the competition. They will have two weeks to prepare and will start their farm simultaneously with the other teams.

See the list of activities here.

Stardew Valley

The official competition of Stardew Valley will take place on September 4th, and will be broadcast on the UnsurpassableZ channel on Twitch.