Stone launches an app that replaces a card machine to attract micro-entrepreneurs

Stone (Photo: Disclosure)

In the era of payment institutions, which are expanding their horizons and advancing on fields previously held by banks, the traditional card machines have their days numbered.

If they were once the unit of measurement for the size of companies operating in the segment, today they can represent a barrier to the expansion of these businesses.

It is with this in mind that Stone, one of the main companies in the sector, launches this Tuesday (24) its virtual machine. In practice, Tap Ton is an application capable of turning a cell phone into a POS, an acronym by which card payment machines are known in the field.

“It’s an evolution of this small machine market, but without a machine”, summarizes the president of Stone, Augusto Lins. According to him, any customer who wishes to have this receiving tool can obtain it, but the service was designed to democratize the means of payment and take the service to self-employed, self-employed or micro-entrepreneurs, “without having to hire a machine, buy or pay rent”.

In addition to the lower cost for the merchant or service provider, the solution also suits Stone, which as it expands the share of its machine-free network, it will also reduce its customer acquisition cost.

For now, Tap Ton is only available for phones with Android operating system, but for those, installation promises to be simple, without the need to send the devices.

The virtual machine solution is also being implemented by Vero, the purchaser of Banrisul.

The state bank is dominant in Rio Grande do Sul and is looking for a partner to support its card business in expanding to the rest of the country. While looking, however, it implements the tool by application, as expanding by distributing its little machines across the continental dimension of Brazil would be an infeasible task.

According to Lins, the need to keep businesses alive during the isolation imposed by the pandemic accelerated the transformation of the technological park in the hands of entrepreneurs and opened space for this evolution. Most of the smartphones in the hands of these micro-entrepreneurs, according to the executive, are already equipped with NFC technology, which makes it possible to make and receive payments by approximation.

“It has everything from a manicurist, doctor, personal trainer, dog caregiver, physiotherapist,” listed the president of Stone. With the device, it will be possible to make payments directly to an individual account, according to Lins.

“The number of self-employed people in Brazil is enormous and money is still the most used means of payment. Now let’s give this guy a chance, who wouldn’t hire because the machine took time or because the cost wasn’t worth it.”

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