Streamer swoons in anger at Twitch after online defeat | sports

Streamer “Blazed” passed out live while playing Rust, last Wednesday (18), in his live on Twitch. When he died in the game, the content producer was deeply irritated and quickly rose from his chair. Then he put his hands over his face, as if looking incredulous. What seemed to be just a moment of anger turned to be worrying when he suddenly started to squirm and fell facedown on the keyboard.

Blazed was on the ground for about a few seconds, but he soon got up. Frightened, he returned to live and found the broadcast chat full of messages from fans and friends questioning if everything was okay. The streamer said he did not know what had happened, but claimed to be furious at having lost in the game.

Streamer Blazed passed out after getting mad in online game — Photo: Reproduction

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The next day, the streamer saw the repercussions of the video in which he passed out and went to Twitter to interact with some fans. He commented that he had a sore back, but he’s back to doing his lives normally, this time a little more controlled, and he’s doing well. Its content is mostly about the game that caused you to rage: Rust, an online survival RPG game.