strike takes users by surprise in SP and leaves stations full

Today’s strike by employees of CPTM lines 11-Coral, 12-Sapphire and 13-Jade (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos) took some public transport users by surprise. Line 11 is partially operated, while the other two are unoperated.

On social networks, there were also several records and reports from platforms crowded at stations on other lines. In other cases, passengers who were unaware of the strike went to closed stations and were faced with the warning of the strike.

How is each line working:

  • Line 7-Ruby: operates normally.
  • 8-Diamond Line: operates normally.
  • Line 9-Emerald: operates normally.
  • Line 10-Turquoise: operates normally.
  • Line 11-Coral: partial operation. Circulation interrupted between the Guaianases and Students stations. Free buses run the route between the affected stretch.
  • Line 12-Sapphire: totally paralyzed. Free buses run between Calmon Viana and Tatuapé stations.
  • Line 13- Jade: totally paralyzed. Free buses run between the Engenheiro Goulart and Aeroporto-Guarulhos stations.

The shutdown of the lines is expected to affect around 750,000 people. The railway workers called for the strike yesterday. According to the category, the stoppage will have an indefinite period.

Because of the strike, SPTrans activated the Service Plan between Transport Companies in Emergency Situations (Paese) from 4 am between stations Jd. Roman and Tatuapé. According to SPTrans, the special line will have 12 buses.

The City Hall also decided to suspend the rotation in São Paulo throughout Tuesday.