Sylvinho does not oppose and Duílio Monteiro forwards the sale of a midfielder to Panathinaikos; business model is presented

Corinthians suffered, but beat Athletico Paranaense by 1-0, at Arena da Baixada, reached 24 points and took 6th place in the Brazilian Championship. Now, Timão can also win three straight victories for the first time in the national tournament if it wins Grêmio, next Saturday (28), at 7pm, in Porto Alegre.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. As the rounds go by, Giuliano and Renato Augusto, to Timão’s first two signings of the season, are increasingly adapted and both have been fundamental for the club during games and training.. Now, Alvinegro is just waiting for Roger Guedes to further qualify the squad of coach Sylvinho, who has been fitting in every game.

If Renato Augusto and Giuliano arrived, an athlete is leaving. This is Matthew Vital. Much contested by the fans, the player has received a proposal from Panatinaikos, from Greece, and both the player and the board are willing to accept the offer, which in the first moment is for a loan. The athlete approved his trip to Greece because he sees the club as a gateway to European football The information is from the reporter Bruno Cassucci.

Mateus Vital is close to leaving Corinthians. Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

To keep the athlete, the Greek team offered Alvinegro to bear 100% of the values ​​of Mateus Vital and still have the right to purchase in the future. If you keep the athlete, Panathinaikos will pay 4 million euros for 50% of the professional’s federative rights. The midfielder was contracted in 2018 by Timão with Vasco and in three seasons he failed to meet the expectations generated by him.

Also according to the report, Timão has 85% of the economic rights of the player. In other words, if the sock is sold by Timão it will raise a little more than 16 million reais.

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