Thaila Ayala shows the moment when Renato Góes found out he will be a dad: ”He got scared”

Waiting for her first child, Thaila Ayala shares a video of the moment her husband, Renato Góes, discovered her pregnancy

Thaila Ayala (35) exhibited her husband’s reaction, Renato Góes (34) upon discovering her pregnancy!

Naturally, the actress registered how she told her lover that she was pregnant. On her Instagram profile, she posted a video and revealed that they discovered pregnancy together. Five months pregnant, the couple is waiting for their first heir, who will be called Francisco.

In the record, published last Sunday, 22, the artist appears showing the pregnancy test for the actor in bed.

“Since this was the question I received the most in the story boxes, so here goes “how Renato knew. He knew, along with me, no romance, surprises or gifts”, started writing in the caption.

“It took the fright (as desired as it is I think fright always exists, but I could be wrong) along with me. Just a little piece of the 10 minutes of video to kill your curiosity! The rest is ours!”, said the mother of the first trip.

Thaila Ayala shows off her belly next to Renato Góes

Pregnant, Thaila Ayala showed her belly in a charming register alongside Renato Góes and showed all her love for her husband. “I love you daddy of Francisco”, she said in the caption when speaking the name of the heir.

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