Top 10 Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

According to information from JustWatch, Amazon Prime Video has a rather modest catalog with more than 26,300 movies, not counting the more than 2,700 serial programs. In Brazil, the catalog is reduced, but even so it is possible to get lost in the vastness of titles. Choosing the top 10 movies to watch on Prime Video certainly means leaving many out of the list, but we’ve selected a few that are almost a must for anyone who loves a good story.

The nominations selected were public and critical success, having several reasons to be considered amazing films, but, for some reason, they are no longer the most talked about at the moment. Thus, our list did not bring the most obvious indications of the platform, offering alternative paths for those looking for guaranteed quality.

With that in mind, each nomination has reasons why the movie deserves to be seen and, in the title, the link to watch it on Amazon Prime Video. So, you just need to choose a story that piques your curiosity, grab the snack, press play and enjoy.

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Your favorite movie didn’t appear on the list? Didn’t like the nomination? Canaltechers can always take advantage of the comment space to supplement the list with their own nominations.

Wes Anderson has always been a director adored for evoking an aura of French elegance, young, intellectual, ironic and cool. No wonder he even directed a commercial and a short for the perfume Candy, by Prada. Now, with the new wave of pastels and “perfection” evoked by the k-pop movement, Anderson’s films can promote a very interesting cultural exchange.

As the trailer reveals, Wes Anderson’s direction is so stylized that it makes the film verge on the fantastic just for its aesthetics. His characters are also often cartoonish and, in Moonrise Kingdom, we have the presence of an actor who is adored by fans of indie, Anderson, comedy and classic eighties: Bill Murray (The ghost hunters). Besides him, the cast also has the presence of Bruce Willis (Hard to kill), Edward Norton (birdman), Frances McDormand (Nomadland) and Tilda Swinton (Constantine).

Who doesn’t love a spicy dramon to leave us stunned for days? shivering meat does not have this title for nothing. The film is directed by Pedro Almodóvar, a director known for making incredible and controversial works. His kitschy (aka “tacky”) aesthetic guarantees incredible images, while the delicate content of his films leaves us with a bizarre mix of malaise and pleasure, which means his films often have a big impact on viewers.

Javier Bardem is the best known name of the cast, but the plot still has the excellent performances of Francesca Neri (Hannibal) and Liberto Rabal. Together, the trio plays a very tense love triangle: Bardem is a former police officer who acts as a basketball player after a shot knocked him out of movement. Life with his partner remains apparently calm until the shooter leaves the prison and returns to look for her, restarting the intense romance.

Liked Loki and want to know another work by Tom Hiddleston? eternal lovers can be a good indication, especially for those looking for very different productions. In addition to the star Marvel, the film also features Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), John Hurt (1984), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) and Jeffrey Wright (Hunger Games: The Hope – Part 1).

eternal lovers it divides the fans and there are those who love the slowness of the film, for the possibility of being able to appreciate the beautiful images created by the direction of Jim Jarmusch (the dead don’t die); but there are also those who miss the action. The film’s feel, however, has a reason to be: Hiddleston and Swinton are vampires and their relationship has transformed over the centuries. In the plot, the doldrums are interrupted by the arrival of Wasikowska’s character, also a vampire.

A classic of classics, this is to this day one of the best time travel movies ever made — and I’m not saying that for nostalgia, although there’s a lot of it. In addition to being worshiped by lovers of adventures in the eighties, Back to the future sustains itself precisely because it is a science fiction and comedy film that chooses to invest in the entertainment of the public, instead of sticking to scientific fidelity. After all, it’s a fiction.

The entire trilogy can be seen as one huge movie, which makes the marathon experience all the better. Much of this is due to the direction of Robert Zemeckis, director of other classics such as Contact and Forrest Gump: The Storyteller or, to cite a more recent work, witches convention. The ultimate reason to watch Back to the future is that, like it or not, the title is extremely referenced in pop culture, making it almost a must for anyone who is a fan of these universes.

Christopher Nolan is a contemporary phenomenon, with lots and lots of fans who make out of Interstellar it’s from Tenet two of the most watched movies this year in Brazil (at least on online platforms). But if you liked the complexity of The origin, get ready to tie a knot in neurons with Amnesia. In addition to being an opportunity to get to know one of the director’s first films, it is worth saying that, in this case, the complexity does not come from science, but from the way he tells the story.

In the plot, Guy Pearce plays a man who suffers from short-term memory loss and every day he has to remember the clues he’s been following to try to find his wife’s killer. What seems like a simple plot of suspense becomes a tense psychological drama with a montage that leaves us disoriented, because the story is not told chronologically and it is up to the viewer to assemble the puzzle. The business was so complex that the DVD release also brought a linear version of the story, especially for those who blinked and missed the moment when the film reveals the great truth behind it all in a few seconds.

For those who like to play detective, exemplary girl it can be an excellent experience. This is one of the most recent (and acclaimed) films by David Fincher, master of suspense and responsible for other masterpieces such as Seven: The Seven Deadly Crimes, Zodiac and The social network, in addition to having directed the pilots of mindhunter and House of Cards.

The big names don’t end, but it is noteworthy that the mystery is even more difficult to decipher because of the magnificent performances of Ben Affleck (Justice League) and Rosamund Pike (Jack Reacher: The Last Shot). The actress was even nominated for an Oscar for playing the woman whose disappearance starts a media event that turns against her husband, who is considered the main suspect.

Charlize Theron has a stellar career and, most recently, has been in Fast & Furious 9, The Old Guard and the scandal, in addition to playing the Furious Empress in Mad Max: Road of Fury. Long before all that, she won her first (and so far only) Oscar for Monster: Killer Wish, where interprets the serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

The film has more amazing names and, in the role of the protagonist’s romantic couple, Christina Ricci, best known for the role of Vandinha who played as a child in The Addams Family. Script and direction are signed by Patty Jenkins, whose work earned her the recognition to be the first female director in the new generation of superhero films, which happened with the first Wonder Woman.

Quentin Tarantino’s direction and script alone are enough to attract many viewers, but inglorious bastards it has other attractions besides the direction: despite being a film inspired by historical facts, this is a fiction in which the filmmaker reimagines history and completely changes the events (a strategy he repeats in Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood).

The cast is another strong point of the film, with impressive performances between Nazi and anti-Nazi characters, with names like Brad Pitt (Ad Astra), Diane Kruger (In pieces), Eli Roth (the hostel), Mélanie Laurent (Master trick), Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained), Michael Fassbender (Prometheus) and Daniel Bruhl (Falcon and the Winter Soldier).

Jordan Peele was already a recognized comedian when he made his directorial debut with Run!. Your second movie, We, attracted many viewers who wanted to see something on the same level as the first film and were swept away by an even scarier and darker horror. Leading the cast are Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, known among Marvel fans for having respectively played Nakia and M’Baku in black Panther.

This is not a terror of serial killer, haunting, zombie or something. In this story, Peele works with a somewhat less pop concept, that of doppelgangers: Imagine that, somewhere in the world, there is a person who is completely identical to you physically, despite being spatially distant and not blood connected. This, however, is just the tip of the root, as the story evolves into much more complex and critical layers, but without leaving entertainment aside.

Tilda Swinton is well known for being practically a chameleon, having come up with completely different looks in films like Constantine, Doctor Strange, okja, Tomorrow’s Express and The Grand Hotel Budapest, in addition to other spectacular works in which she appears completely unrecognizable. In We need to talk about Kevin, we have a more sober looking Tilda in one of the best jobs of her career.

A deep and shocking drama, We Need to Talk About Kevin touches on delicate themes and has the excellent direction of Lynne Ramsay to set the right tone between tragedy and drama. Rounding out the cast is the great and charismatic guest appearance of John C. Reilly (Guardians of the Galaxy), as well as Ezra Miller, in the first and most impactful performance of his career, long before he became the Flash of the DC movies.

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