Viviane Araújo vents after elimination in ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’ | TV & Soap Operas

Viviane Araújo vents after elimination in 'Super Dança'

Viviane Araújo vents after elimination in ‘Super Dança’

Actress Viviane Araújo commented on her elimination in the semifinal of “Super Dança dos Famosos” in the early afternoon of this Monday (23).

Viviane, 46 years old, gave an outburst through her official Instagram profile and celebrated her evolution in TV Globo’s dance dispute.

“When we manage to accomplish everything we set out to do, the feeling is of a washed soul! That’s why I screamed, cheered, jumped when I finished Salsa, wasn’t that a partner @rodrigoclubelatino?! And to you Rodrigo, all mine gratitude, because you believed in me and made me get here! We came out victorious, yes, because we danced yesterday with our soul and with all the love we feel for the dance!”, began Viviane.

The actress lost the dispute to Dandara Mariana, who guaranteed her place in the final of “Super Dança dos Famosos”. Viviane also thanked fans and judges for their support. “I also want to express here my thanks to all the jurors for all the words said, in all my presentations! You guys helped me a lot in my evolution within the board, because every word I heard was a learning experience for me!”, he added.

Dandara Mariana, Paolla Oliveira, and Rodrigo Simas are in the grand final of “Super Dança dos Famosos”.