“We are looking for a fifth player, but it is a complex moment”, says guerri | DRAFT5

Hours after the official announcement, Coach Nicholas “warrior” Nogueira took his social networks to explain the option for the exit of the 21-year-old athlete:” The honda is being moved to the academy, he came to us at the beginning of the year without any experience to be the sixth player. Halfway through the season he accepted the challenge of becoming the fifth player in the FURY“, remembered.

He took the opportunity a lot, I’m in love with him, he’s a golden boy. I really want him to come back to Brazil to mature, evolve, to go through a process that he ended up skipping, coming straight to the position of sixth player in the FURY“, highlighted the coach.

With drop being a homemade and temporary solution to the fifth player problem that has been agonizing the FURY since Henry left “HEN1” Teles, still in January, guerri assured that the team is still looking for the last piece of the puzzle on the market, but that the moment is delicate:

Negotiations for the fifth player have been going on for some time. We are looking for a fifth element, but it is a complex moment. We are in the middle of the season, the Major it’s already there after the holidays, so many teams can lose scores and ruin their chances of going to the Major“he explained.

In addition to the table of Regional Major Ranking, guerri cited the astronomical values ​​that reject the possibility of a big contract at this time:

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Some trades have the value is absurdly high. As we are in the middle of the season, it doesn’t make much sense to invest so much money in hiring an athlete who is above market value“he pondered.

Major points and high values ​​are factors that delay the search for the fifth player, says guerri |  Photo: Igor Bezborodov/StarLadderMajor points and high values ​​are factors that delay the search for the fifth player, says guerri | Photo: Igor Bezborodov/StarLadder

With the imminence of ESL Pro League S14, the most plausible alternative for the 31-year-old professional was to bet again on the organization’s base, with drop being chosen to make up the furious cast that will compete in the most prestigious league on the world stage – if the ESL allow.

We are here playing, we already have a championship, so I decided to bring the drop, our base player, 17 years old, has already evolved a lot, he has been playing for a long time. academy. I have been following him for the past year, I am very happy to give him this opportunity and he is very happy to be here with us“he stated.

He’s a boy who has little experience, he’s going to get a lot of shooting here. At worst, he’ll come back to our academy with a much larger, more mature, more experienced background and will increasingly strengthen our base team, to which I am very close. I always keep an eye out to see if in the future we can use it on one of the best teams in the world“, finished.

If bureaucracy allows it, drop, who already trains with art and company in Serbia, will make his debut by the organization’s main lineup on the next 1st, when the FURY open works at ESL Pro League S14 in front of the russian entropy.