what happened to the ‘drag up’

One of Instagram’s oldest tools is about to die. The social network has started warning some users that the drag-up function on stories to open a link will be replaced by a new sticker from August 30th.

With the change, instead of dragging up to view the link attached to the stories, you will need to tap a sticker on the image that, when clicked, will take the follower of that profile to a predetermined web page.

The function was already in the testing phase for a few months. At first, Instagram studied the possibility of releasing the sticky links to anyone, but this expansion was only in the tests.

For now, the new feature will only be available to those who already have “drag up” today — that is, verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 followers.

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Instagram will have stickers for links in stories instead of ‘drag up’

Image: Disclosure/Instagram

According to Instagram, the death of “drag up” is intended to “streamline the Stories creation experience” and give users more “creative control” as the link sticker is customizable — you can change the color the font and block, as well as the location stickers.

In addition, the new feature allows followers to respond to stories with links, which you cannot do today with “drag up” in place of the response field.

But Instagram does not rule out the possibility of releasing the function to everyone, saying, in a note to the website “The Verge”, that the change will help “determine if it’s the right path before expanding access to more people”.