Which cryptocurrency will go up? Trader points out 4 cryptoactives with high potential, one of them has already risen 1.052%

With the price of Bitcoin (BTC) once again breaking the $50,000 mark and cryptocurrencies such as Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL) and Binance Coin (BNB) rising more than 10% in one day, cryptocurrency analysts are attentive to which cryptoactive should ride the wave of optimism in the market and rise to new heights.

One such analyst is Cointelegraph trader and writer Michaël van de Poppe, who in a recent video on his YouTube channel listed 4 cryptocurrencies that he believes are the new actors in this high cycle in the crypto market.

According to him, the first cryptocurrency on the list is Ripple (XRP) which is reflecting its price action from December 2020 to April this year, when the sixth largest active crypto rose more than 1.052% from $0.17 to $1.96.

In this way, a new high is expected and can push the cryptocurrency far beyond its current value and over $4.

“When you look at the USDT values ​​of XRP, you can actually derive the Fibonacci extension to make the next target zone. So when we do that we have $2.85 and $4.30 as the next target zones for XRP on the next boost wave. If we do this from the previous cycle, we can also say that we have reached 2,618 [zona de Fibonacci]. So, most likely, in the next run, the XRP will go to $4.30,” he said.

Altcoins ready to go up

Another cryptocurrency on Van de Poppe’s list is the Stellar (XLM) which according to the analyst may still fall a little before starting an uptrend that could push the crypto asset beyond $1.

“The chances of XLM falling back on this high [$ 0,80], having some consolidation before breaking up, are significant. ”

Van de Poppe also monitors the evolution of the price of Litecoin (LTC) in its Bitcoin pair (LTC / BTC). The trader believes that the payment network has managed to stay above a key support level against Bitcoin and is gearing up to record another high.

The last cryptocurrency on the trader’s list is Tezos (XTZ) also in its pair against Bitcoin (XTZ / BTC). According to Van de Poppe, the pair is forming a lower structure and is now gearing up for a 68% increase from its current price of 0.000077 BTC.

“We’re making a beautiful rounded bottom, which we have a tightness, and the chances of this one bursting strongly towards the resistance zone that we have around [0,00013 BTC, ou $ 6,52] It is huge. ”, finished.


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