Why is Mbappé struggling to date even with Messi?

Not even Lionel Messi’s arrival took away Kylian Mbappé’s desire to leave Paris Saint-Germain. Without fanfare, the striker has already made it clear to directors that he prefers to leave the club in this transfer window, which ends next Tuesday (31). However, he believes that his wish is far from being granted.

At 22, Mbappé reckons his cycle in French football is already over. The expected trio with Messi and Neymar still doesn’t seduce him enough to change his mind. Real Madrid is now considered their most likely destination, but Manchester City and Liverpool are also treated as possibilities.

O UOL Sport prepared a list with the reasons that make Mbappé and its surroundings want the end of the partnership with PSG. Check out:

Focus on the Golden Ball makes Mbappé not want to share prominence

At 22, Mbappé is already in a position to be voted the best player in the world and doesn’t want to waste time. Thinking about the individual awards, he believes that sharing the spotlight with Messi and Neymar can even hinder him.

The player tells people close to him that his daily life with the Argentine is pleasant, but he knows that he won’t be the protagonist as he would like. Those who live with the player usually report being obsessed with being the best.

Childhood dream and Benzema seduce Mbappé to try for Real Madrid

Playing for Real Madrid is Mbappé’s childhood dream. The Spanish club still has another asset: Karim Benzema, one of the PSG striker’s best friends in football today.

Mbappé and Benzema spent the recent vacation period together on beach trips and enjoyed the partnership on the field with the French national team in friendlies and the European Cup, between June and July.

This puts the possibility of the player going to play for an English club in the background.

Mbappé believes there is no way to improve in the French Championship

The level of the French Championship makes Mbappé believe that he has reached his limit in the country. The player believes that he can evolve if he plays in the Spanish Championship or the English Championship, which would put him closer to winning the Ballon d’Or.

“France is not the best championship in the world, but I have always known my responsibility as an iconic player to help Ligue 1 grow,” said Mbappé, in an interview with French magazine Esquire published today (24).

Mbappé fears that leaving PSG for free will make the French public reject him

Mbappé reckons that leaving PSG with a million dollar sale is better for his image in France than leaving the club for free next year.

In Paris, the player already suffers from rejection by part of the team’s fans and was booed in the team’s only home game in the victory over Strasbourg, the team’s only home game so far this season. His fear is that this will only increase over time.

Contract near the end with PSG is Mbappé’s trump card

Mbappé does not want to renew with PSG, and his contract expires in July of next year. He agrees to play alongside Messi and Neymar for a season, but would leave the French club for free in 2022.

The striker has already turned down more than one proposal to renew PSG, which offered a contract until 2026. He fears being prevented from leaving the club, known for offering resistance in the ball market. That’s why there are those in the Parisian board who defend selling it now so as not to lose it for free a year from now.