Widow mocks MC VK’s criminal complaint against new witness

Deolane Bezerra, lawyer and widow of MC Kevin, confronted the new lawsuit by Victor Elias Fontenelle, known as MC VK, regarding the singer’s death, which happened in May after he fell off the balcony of a hotel room in Rio de January.

Victor’s lawyers filed a criminal complaint against Portuguese singer Fernando Dimmy Junior for libel and slander. The information, released by journalist Luiz Bacci, was confirmed to UOL by lawyer Eduardo Samoel Fonseca, one of the underwriters of the criminal action filed.

In a series of videos on her Instagram Stories, Deolane claimed that she was the one who called for the investigation into the case. “Guys, you guys are asking for a position on the latest news… Mr. Victor filed a criminal complaint against singer Fernando Dimmy, who said he was an eyewitness. Let me tell you something: who asked for it it was me. I made this request to see if he was there in the hotel room, watching everything. I asked the chief to investigate, if not for check-in records, then for cameras.”

There is no dizziness here. But check out the luxury girl there. She also says you were on the balcony. Not investigate, she denounces. Do you know! So, for those of you who were asking me for a position, this is it: I was the one who insisted that it be investigated if the boy was really there.

Finally, Deolane needled MC Kevin’s friend, who was accompanying him on the trip to Rio de Janeiro: “I still haven’t had access to the answers, I’m just expressing myself in the face of some gossip that is going out there in the media. But I know, Victor , that you were there on the balcony. And you also know. Little angel… only the halo is missing, right?”.

In an interview with journalist Roberto Cabrini three weeks ago, Dimmy stated that he was staying at the hotel next to the one Kevin died in, in Barra da Tijuca, and that he saw VK encourage Kevin to hang on the balcony that the MC fell, in addition to not having attended to requests for help.

Fernando Dimmy Junior presented the same report to the lawyer of call girl Bianca Dominguez, Danilo Garcia de Andrade, but did not send documents that would prove his presence at the scene on the day of MC Kevin’s death.