Widow of MC Kevin rebuts criminal complaint filed by MC VK: ‘There’s no fool here’

Deolane Bezerra said she was the one who asked to investigate the alleged new witness in the case and said she knows that VK was on the porch when the singer fell.

Reproduction/Instagram/dra.deolanebezerra/mcvk.official/23.08.2021Deolane Bezerra criticized MC VK again on social media

singer’s widow MC Kevin, The lawyer Deolane Calf spoke after journalist Luiz Bacci, from Record, disclosed that the lawyers of Victor Elias Fontenelle, known as MC VK, filed a criminal complaint for injury and slander against Portuguese musician Fernando Dimmy Júnior, presented as a new witness in the MC Kevin case. “Mr. Victor filed a criminal complaint against singer Fernando Dimmy Júnior, who said he was an eyewitness. Let me tell you something, I was the one who asked for it, I made this request to know if he was in the hotel room watching everything, I asked the marshal to investigate through check-in records or through security cameras. There’s no fool here, but denounce the luxury girl there, she also says you were on the balcony”, said Deolane citing the update in the testimony of Bianca Domingues, who would have remembered new details of the night the singer died.

The lawyer said she still doesn’t know the results of the investigations, but believes that VK was, yes, on the porch with Kevin when he fell. “I still haven’t had access to the answers, but I know, Victor, that you were there on the balcony. You also know, little angel, all that’s missing is the halo”, provoked the funkeiro’s widow. MC Kevin died on May 16, aged 23, after falling from the 5th floor of a building in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. In early August, Dimmy, an alleged new witness in the case, told “Sunday Spectacular” that he saw everything that happened that day as he was in the building across the street. “He hinted that the MC VK was encouraging Kevin to hang out there. Kevin dropped his right hand and was only supported with his left hand. And there, I could clearly hear what he was saying. He was asking VK to help him. He screamed and I could hear him”, he declared at the time. If the new testimony is valid, the case can gain a new split.