With prolonged fire in Juquery, paulistas denounce the use of balloons

With the fire that degraded about 65% of the environmental area of ​​Juquery State Park still out of control, São Paulo residents use social networks to denounce and criticize those who still use balloons, one of the possible sources of the flames. Residents of the region of Franco da Rocha (SP) have even registered balloons in the area close to the park and, so far, at least 11 suspected of releasing the artifacts have been detained by the police.

In publications made on social networks, users claimed to have seen the objects in the air moments before. The movement ends up contemplating the activity in several areas of the state, even if it is not directly related to the fire.

In a video reproduced by page of Tatuapé residents, an internet user shows a balloon flying and falling in a short time in the vegetation next door. The images were taken this Sunday morning (22), but in Cotia (SP) and, according to the author, who preferred not to be identified, would not have caused flames. “It burned while still in the air, and it was already blazing in the trees. It made smoke, but it didn’t cause a fire.”

With the collective revolt, given the environmental damage, denunciations multiply. A Twitter user claimed to have seen, on Saturday (21), a balloon flying over the area and to have denounced the presence of the object to authorities. Manufacturing, selling, transporting or releasing balloons is considered an environmental crime under Law No. 9,605/98. The penalty provided is one to three years’ imprisonment or a fine.

The same report was registered by other users on social networks.

Another user reported seeing a balloon near Francisco Morato, which is about 8.3 km from Franco da Rocha.

A resident of the Cantareira region also claimed to have seen other balloons during the week on social networks.

To UOL, the SSP-SP (Secretary of Public Security of Sâo Paulo) reported that of the men detained so far for releasing balloons, seven were taken to the Franco da Rocha Police Station and one of them, a 44-year-old lawyer, confessed to having released the object in the air and was arrested in the act. The other suspects were heard and then released.

“The case was registered as manufacturing, selling, transporting or releasing balloons and the police authority arbitrated bail, as determined by law, which was paid and the man released”, says the secretariat in a note.

In Itaquaquecetuba, municipal guards found artifacts used in the release and manufacture of balloons in various vehicles in Jardim Mônica. Three men are being investigated and the case was registered at the municipal police station.

In Jacareí, the Environmental Military Police detained a 37-year-old man who was caught with ropes at the site of a balloon fall. The material was seized and sent to the 1st DP and the suspect is being investigated.

Rescuers continue to try to stop the fire at Juquery State Park. The Franco da Rocha Office of Investigations into Infringements against the Environment is analyzing images and looking for elements to help identify the source of the fire, as reported by the SSP-SP.

The season becomes even more dangerous to practice, since with heat waves and low humidity, the vegetation catches fire more easily.

how to report

The activity of ballooners can be denounced in the state of São Paulo through telephones 190 (Military Police) and 181 (Disque-Denúncia).

In case of emergencies involving balloons, the appropriate numbers are 199, from the Civil Defense, or 193, from the Fire Department.

In addition, the state government makes available the Denúncia Ambiente application, an online channel for reporting environmental crimes, enabling the sending of photos and descriptions of the occurrence.