Without profit, drivers give up on app transport

posted on 8/24/2021 06:00

  (credit: Lis Cappi/Spec. CB/DA Press - 2/10/20)

(credit: Lis Cappi/Spec. CB/DA Press – 2/10/20)

The constant increase in the price of gasoline, with a liter reaching R$7.00 at some stations, has led a growing number of application drivers to abandon the activity due to the strong reduction in the gains obtained in the races.

“Today, our profit has to be split fifty-fifty with gasoline. Before, I used R$100 of gasoline in the car and made R$250, R$300. Now I put the same value and profit as R$100, at most R$120”, said Manoel Scooby, leader of the Application Drivers Movement of the Federal District.

With the price of gasoline soaring, drivers are looking for fuel alternatives to avoid losing out on trips. “Those who live outside the DF are filling up with ethanol, which is cheaper in the surrounding area, such as in Planaltina-GO, Valparaíso. Others are moving to CNG gas, but there is only one station in Brasília selling this fuel,” said Manoel Scooby.

The problem is not restricted to the capital. In São Paulo, the president of the Association of Application Drivers, Eduardo Lima de Souza, says, based on figures from the city hall, that 25% of application drivers have stopped working for the platforms since the beginning of the pandemic.

The result is a drop in the quality of services for the user. “You can see how the movement has slowed down. I’ve been getting a lot more travel requests, especially to places far away from where I am,” said Scooby, from DF.

Amilcar Barca Teixeira has been an application driver for two years and already has plans to leave the business. Dismayed by the high price of gasoline, he started a course to become a real estate agent “I already work in the sales area, I’m going to try to work in this field as well, because the application doesn’t work. With gasoline reaching R$7 this week, I can’t afford a Uber base rate of R$4.45”, he lamented.

For the 33-year-old driver, the perspective is that the quality of the service will get worse as the professionals give up. “Everything has increased and the application fee has decreased. As long as Uber and 99 do not readjust these prices, there will be more and more driver cancellations, especially on a short trip.”

*Interns under the supervision of Odail Figueiredo