Woman fined for promoting Popcorn Time in cell phone store

An employee of a cell phone store in the United States was fired and fined for promoting and committing acts of piracy. In all, in addition to costing her job, the lawsuit ordered the American to pay a fine of US$ 6,200 in copyright damages to studios.

According to the website TorrentFreak, the lawsuit against Sabrina Boylen was filed by the studio responsible for the film “fury on the high seas“, later joining other producers with similar interests. The reason for the action? The woman was promoting a piracy app in the cell phone store.

According to the testimony of a witness, the accused had “downloaded several movies” through the Popcorn Time platform and also promoted the customer service of the store where she worked, VICTRA, as a free alternative to rental or streaming services for those who were purchasing a mobile device on the spot.

And now?

In all, the studio had asked for a $150,000 penalty in copyright damages, which was substantially reduced in court. The judge did not accept the argument that the North American’s activities significantly impacted the company’s earnings.

However, if the defendant’s personal downloads were not considered a serious factor, the promotion of the service to third parties was considered irregular — something similar to what led to a Dane being fined in 2018 for disclosing the Popcorn Time itself. In addition to the fine, Sabrina will have to pay the legal costs of the process.

A few months ago, a group of independent film studios announced that they would start looking for users of the service, which was created by an Argentine and has already been deactivated and reactivated a few times since 2014.