Woman gives birth to quintuplets in Texas after being considered infertile

A woman who was considered by doctors to be infertile gave birth to five babies in May in Texas (USA). She had been diagnosed with ovarian syndrome polycystic – a condition that prevents the ovaries from producing eggs.

Brenda Raymundo, 28, and her husband Alejandro, the same age, spent years trying to start a family. But, contrary to medical expectations, she eventually became pregnant with the help of a fertility drug. However, the couple were surprised when they learned that there were five babies in Brenda’s womb.

The couple had been trying unsuccessfully to have children for over 3 years when they decided to visit a fertility clinic in October of last year.

Brenda was given a drug to help stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. Within two months, to the couple’s delight, she became pregnant.

Brenda was rushed to hospital on suspicion that she was suffering from a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy – in which the baby develops in the fallopian tube rather than in the uterus.

Doctors, however, were able to prove that the fetus was in the uterus and confirmed that its heartbeat was normal.

The following week, when Brenda returned for a verification exam, she saw what appeared to be “five air bubbles” in the exam. An ultrasound then confirmed that there were five babies in the womb, not one.

“No one expects to be informed within a week that they are pregnant with a baby and the following week to discover that there are actually five in there,” the mother of the five-fold twins told The Sun.

Brenda says that she had to undergo tests every week, while the pregnancy lasted, because of the high risk. And I had to go alone, because of the restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic.

The five babies were born on May 17: Alejandro weighing 1.4 kg; Lelani weighing 1.36 kg; Amara, with 1.49 kg; Antonio, with 1.72 kg; and Humberto, with 1.41 kg.

“Doctors said they were born with good quintup weights and also healthy, which was amazing news. We feel very lucky,” Brenda said.