Woman Who Tried to Conceive for 3 Years Gives Birth to Quintuples in US After Fertility Treatment | World

A woman trying to get pregnant gave birth to quintuplets in the United States after undergoing fertility treatment, according to local media reports.

After three years of trying to have kids, Brenda Raymundo, from Texas, gave birth to five children. The case is rare and the little ones needed to stay under observation in the NICU for more than two months.

With a risky pregnancy, the babies were born prematurely, at seven months. The smallest of them weighing just 1.3kg.

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“I wanted to have children, but I couldn’t,” Raymundo said in an interview with KDFW. “When I lived in Mexico, I even saw a specialist.”

She said the doctor prescribed a drug-based treatment, but that he had said it was “extremely rare” to have more than twins.

When she moved to Dallas shortly thereafter, she found she was six weeks pregnant. When the American doctor told her there were five babies, she was in shock, she recalled.

“I started to cry,” he told Raymundo. “I was worried about what it was going to be like next, if they were going to be born prematurely.”

With the children’s father away from work due to an accident, a friend of Raymundo’s decided to run an online campaign to raise money for the new dads.

If caring for a baby is already expensive, five are even more. According to the new mother, the little ones use an average of 50 diapers every day. To date, more than $1,450 has been raised.

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