Xiaomi to retire the “Mi” brand of cell phones

Xiaomi confirmed this Monday (23/08) that it will retire the “Mi” brand – one of the manufacturer’s main lines of smartphones. According to the company, devices like the Mi 11 will only be called Xiaomi. The decision seeks to strengthen the company’s name in the Global market.

In a note to The Verge, Xiaomi’s spokesman explained: “from the third quarter of 2021, the Xiaomi Mi series of products will be renamed to Xiaomi […] This change will unify our global brand presence and close the perception gap between the brand and its products.”


Also according to Xiaomi, the change may take some time to take effect in all regions where it operates. In addition, the company confirmed that it will maintain the Redmi brand, the manufacturer’s line of intermediate products.

About the decision, the company highlights: “Xiaomi products represent the height of technology and offer the premium experience, while Redmi products bring great innovation at a more affordable price and are aimed at a younger audience.”

Mi will temporarily remain on the iOT market

Despite the changes, Xiaomi highlighted that the Mi nomenclature will temporarily remain in its smart home device catalog. According to the company, the Mi Home line should remain on the market for a few more months. The rebranding to iOT devices will come after the consolidation of the Xiaomi nomenclature on smartphones.

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Smartphones were already called Xiaomi in China

Xiaomi had been showing signs of changing the naming of its smartphones for some time. In recent weeks, the company took advantage of the launch of the new Mi Mix devices to refer to them only as Xiaomi Mix during presentations.

According to Xiaomi, the name Mi was the alternative found to popularize their smartphones in the global market, as its pronunciation is easier for some languages. Despite this, the company considers that after such a long time, the Xiaomi name is well known enough to represent its products.

In June 2021, Xiaomi beat companies like Apple and Samsung to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller. Its handsets accounted for 17% of global market sales during the second quarter.

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