2021 Emergency Aid: Caixa pays 5th installment to those born in May and Bolsa Família beneficiaries with final NIS 5 | Emergency Assistance

Also on Tuesday, the beneficiaries of Bolsa Família with NIS ended in 5.

For those who are not part of Bolsa Família, the funds will be deposited in Caixa’s digital social savings account, and will initially be available for payment of bills and purchases through the virtual card. Withdrawals and transfers for those who receive the 5th installment this Tuesday will be released on September 9th.

For workers who are part of Bolsa Família, payments are made in the same way as the original benefit, with a deposit in an account.

2021 emergency aid: extension rules

2021 emergency aid: extension rules

Workers can consult the status of the benefit through the emergency aid application, through the website auxilio.caixa.gov.br or through https://consultaauxilio.cidadania.gov.br/


  • workers who are not part of Bolsa Família, born in may
  • Bolsa Família beneficiaries with NIS ended on 5

Caixa recalls that funds can also be moved through the Caixa Tem application and in the countrywide lottery lede.

To withdraw the money, you must log into the Caixa Tem application, select the option “withdrawal without a card” and “generate withdrawal code”.

Afterwards, the worker must enter the password to view the withdrawal code on the cell phone screen, valid for one hour.

The code must be used for cash withdrawals at branches, lottery units or Caixa Aqui correspondents.

Caixa branches are open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 1 pm. There is no need to get up early or arrive before opening hours. All people seeking assistance during opening hours will be attended to.

The option of using the resources credited to the digital social savings account to make purchases, through the virtual debit card and QR Code, payment of bank slips, water, electricity and telephone bills, among other services, is still available to beneficiaries.

With the Caixa Tem application, functionality for cardless payments is also available at the bank’s approximately 13 thousand lottery units.

payment calendars

According to the government, the new calendar is the definitive one. President Jair Bolsonaro stated that the idea is to no longer extend the benefit after the payment of the seventh installment.

See below for payment schedules.


2021 Emergency Aid – Bolsa Família beneficiaries — Photo: Economy G1


Updated calendar of 2021 Emergency Aid payments — Photo: Economy G1

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