Afghan twins manage to flee the Taliban and land in the UK

While many children are being left behind at the airport in Kabul (Afghanistan), theThe 5-year-old twins Asna and Sana Hashimi managed to escape the Taliban and reach the UK safely, on a British flight to withdraw its personnel from the Afghan capital, which is also serving local civilians, many of them collaborators, to escape the fundamentalist regime.

The father, Nooragha Hashimi, who worked as a translator for British Army engineers, said he would have died had he not been on the British Air Force (RAF) evacuation flight.

“Everyone knows about me – ‘He’s an interpreter’ – so that’s why it was dangerous for me”, the Afghan told Sky News. “Everyone was afraid of what (the Taliban) would do, and in principle they are saying ‘we won’t do anything to anyone’, but nobody knows if it will be the same as in 1996”, he added.

However, some children have been separated from their parents and left behind at the airport, which has seen scenes of chaos since the Taliban took control of Kabul last week. On TV, two brothers left behind by their parents, on the run. After a huge uproar, the parents managed to enter the airport, but the children were left without access to the terminal.

Siblings Left Behind by Parents on the Flight from Kabul
Siblings left behind by their parents on the escape from Kabul Photo: Reproduction/ITV

A man with a British passport told ITV News he was “stuck” in Afghanistan with his children:

“I am a British citizen, my children are British and they are imprisoned here.”

In other dramatic scenes, parents were seen throwing your kids over barbed wire fence at the terminal so that they could be safely removed from the country.

A child is taken by a crowd to cross the Kabul airport wall
A child is taken by a crowd to cross the wall at the airport in Kabul Photo: Reproduction