After controversial speech about autism, Latino is detonated on the web

Latin got involved again in a controversy on social networks this Tuesday(24). The singer participated in the podcast “Inteligência Ltda” on YouTube, ended up detonated after talking about autism in a controversial way and also received a shower of criticism from followers.

At the time, the singer classified an autistic person as a person who is closed off in the world and doesn’t want to listen to anyone. The controversial speech, of course, went viral.

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“The artist has four phases and I say that to everyone. The first stage is humility, where the guy talks to everyone and the friendliest in the world. The second phase comes, which is euphoria. The artist gets euphoric and wants to be everywhere, he’s the guy, he wants to draw attention, he wants to have the best car and everyone wants to flatter this guy.” initiated him.

And continued: “After that, he enters the autism stage. Autism is what many politicians have that don’t want to hear from anyone. He shuts himself up in his world and doesn’t want to listen to anyone, he doesn’t listen to a manager, he doesn’t listen to a record company and he’s autistic. The fourth phase is the artist’s saddest phase, which is when he gets real”, he said.

Latin. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Reviews and positioning

Soon after the controversial speech went viral, parents of autistic people and members of organizations criticized the artist. “How absurd to make a no-nonsense comparison like this“, said one. “Every day we come across speeches like these, from artists, politicians, people who appropriate the term “autism/autistic” to make me***. It is a relentless struggle against empowerment and prejudice. But let’s not give up!!!”, lamented another.

In conversation with columnist Fábia Oliveira, from Jornal O Dia, Latino apologized for the misunderstanding. “I apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the speech, which we emphasize was not intentional! I respect all kinds of people, beliefs, people, etc. I don’t have any kind of prejudice!!! And here I leave my apology for an ignorant speech (in the sense of information) on my part! Affirming and emphasizing that I did not intend to offend or belittle anyone!”, he said.

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