After discovering cancer, Helo Pinheiro starts treatment with iodine therapy

Helo Pinheiro, aged 76, underwent surgery to remove the thyroid completely after discovering a malignant tumor. The presenter complained of hot flashes and when looking for her gynecologist in July, she discovered a lymphatic carcinoma in one of the nodules. In September, two months after surgery, she will start treatment with injections and iodine therapy.

“I’m still recovering. I start treatment in September with injections and iodine therapy. I will be isolated for five days because of the radiation. I also had to remove the salt because of the iodine and make some dietary restrictions”, he explains.


In an interview with Quem, she shares that the process was one of fear and insecurity: “This disease is silent. I felt nothing but hot flashes, which I knew were not from menopause, which I had already gone through without feeling them”.

Currently, on Instagram and on the program Alô Helô, the journalist takes the opportunity to alert fans about the importance of keeping routine exams up to date. “And I will continue to warn that we need to do exams even without any warning after a certain age. It’s very important to take care of yourself.”