After having an affair with Yasmin Brunet, Letícia Bufoni shows intimacy with Medina’s family

Skateboarder once had a colorful friendship with Medina and recently got involved in bullshit and indirection on social media with the model

It seems that the bullshit and indirection between Letícia Bufoni and the Medina family are restricted to Gabriel and the Sufi’s wife, Yasmin Brunet. This week, the skater exhibited on the internet intimacy with Sophia Medina, Gabriel’s younger sister, and with the surfer’s mother, Simone Medina.

In a series of photos Sophia posted showing some tours of Paris, Bufoni commented: “I loved seeing you So, good luck in the competition”. Sophia responded to the comment: “Thank you Le! I loved seeing you too”.

Letícia Bufoni and Sophia Medina met in Paris –  Photo: Internet ReproductionLetícia Bufoni and Sophia Medina met in Paris – Photo: Reproduction Internet

Bufoni’s comment was also noticed by Simone Medina who commented: “we still saw the champion in Paris, lindaaaaa! Good to see you always”, he commented.

Letícia Bufoni exhibited intimacy with Gabriel Medina's mother and sister in a comment on social media –  Photo: Internet ReproductionLetícia Bufoni exhibited intimacy with Gabriel Medina’s mother and sister in a comment on social networks – Photo: Reproduction Internet

Letícia Bufoni and Gabriel Medina already had a colorful friendship that was shown by the skater on social networks.

Olympic bullshit

After Yasmin was prevented by the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee) from going to Tokyo, many people started making fun of the couple.

The joke – or meme – that generated the crap with Medina began with a comparison between the bronze medalist in the 50 meters freestyle Bruno Fratus and his wife and coach, Michelle Lenhardt, after the two exchanged a kiss in the athlete’s victory.

From there, many people began to compare the couple with Yasmin Brunet and Gabriel Medina, and skateboarder Letícia Bufoni laughed while sharing a tweet about the game.

Skater laughed while sharing twitter with joke between Yasmin and Medina –  Photo: Twitter Reproduction/DisclosureSkater laughed while sharing twitter with joke between Yasmin and Medina – Photo: Reproduction Twitter/Disclosure

Bufoni also went to Tokyo, but like Medina, he didn’t make it to the competition final. The two are friends and there are rumors that they were even more than friends.

Soon after, Bufoni returned to Twitter and denied that he was needling Yasmin and Medina and that he just found the post funny: “the hoopla never ends” which means: “The hoopla never ends”.

Gabriel Medina and Yasmin Brunet didn’t like their friend’s “mess” at all and posted hints on Instagram.

Gabriel Medina also needled his skater friend –  Photo: Reproduction/TwitterGabriel Medina also needled his skater friend – Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Other crap from the ‘Medinet’ couple

In addition to the family bullying in the Medina family, the couple Yasmin Brunet and Gabriel Medina starred in their own bullying involving the Tokyo Olympics, starting with the model’s insistence on going to Tokyo to accompany the surfer.

The main medal hope for Brazilian surfing at the Tokyo Olympic Games in the sport’s debut, Gabriel Medina was a leader on the World Tour.

The best surfing athlete today arrived as the favorite. Away from the waves, Medina was upset. The surfer stated that he was traveling with the feeling that something was missing after the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee) denied a credential to Yasmin Brunet.

Yasmin posted a photo of kissing and declared to her husband –  Photo: REPRODUCTION / INSTAGRAMYasmin posted a photo of kissing and declared to her husband – Photo: REPRODUCTION/INSTAGRAM

After being stopped by the COB, Yasmin Brunet made a live stream on her Instagram while following the competition.

The model insinuated that the referees would have favored the Japanese Kanoa Igarashi, who disputed the semifinal of surfing with Medina, and called for a task force so that his followers would demand a position from the COB.

Then, fans started to mobilize on Instagram and comment on publications of the committees responsible for the athletes, writing “Stolen the Medina”.

Gabriel Medina was defeated by Japan’s Kanoa Igarashi in the semifinals and, when fighting for bronze with Australian Owen Wright, he ended up not taking the medal.

During the beginning of Yasmin Brunet’s broadcast to more than 60,000 people, she was excited. However, with the maneuver that gave the Japanese victory, Yasmin totally changed his face and, after victory was decreed, he said that the judges favored the athlete from Japan.