After repercussion, Latino apologizes for talking about autism: ‘It was ignorant’

This Tuesday (24), Latino apologized after controversial speech about autism. In an interview with the Inteligência Ltda podcast, broadcast and available on YouTube, the singer compared autism, a psychiatric condition, to a ‘phase’ that artists usually go through.

On the occasion, Latino highlighted that artists usually face four moments in their careers. “The first phase is humility, where the guy talks to everyone and the friendliest in the world. Then comes the second phase, which is euphoria. […] Wants to be everywhere, he’s the guy, wants to get attention […]. After that, he enters the autism stage. Autism is what many politicians have, who don’t want to listen to anyone. He shuts himself up in his world and doesn’t want to listen to anyone, he doesn’t listen to a manager, he doesn’t listen to a record company and he’s autistic. The fourth phase is the artist’s saddest phase, which is when he gets real,” he explained.

The singer’s speech had bad repercussions on social networks, after all, autism is not a phase, but a psychiatric condition, a syndrome that needs to be addressed seriously. To recant, Latino sent a statement to columnist Fábio Oliveira, in which he apologized.

“I respect all kinds of people, beliefs, people, etc. I don’t have any kind of prejudice! And here I leave my apology for an ‘ignorant’ speech (in the sense of information) on my part! Affirming and emphasizing that I did not intend to offend or belittle anyone!” he wrote.