Ana Maria Braga cuts cassava live at ‘Mais Você’ and becomes a meme

We have thin cassava and ‘cassava’ just like you. Ana Maria Braga

What is this, Namaria? If you didn’t watch today’s “Mais Você”, the reader may think nonsense, but it was only Ana Maria Braga teaching how to peel cassava in a spiral format live.

As the presenter couldn’t, she asked for help from the vendor Seu Francisco. You’ve been selling manioc for at least 26 years and Ana Maria Braga “revived” the spirit of the fifth grade with the jokes.

Mr Francisco, what a thin manioc. Thin? How much manioc, this is not thin. Are you used to peeling cassava, then? Your cassava is thicker. Ana Maria Braga

The seller took it easy and replied Ana Maria in the same line, to the delight of viewers and tweeters on duty.

Always picking up the manioc. I will try for you here. Mr Francisco

Ana Maria Braga - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

Ana Maria Braga asked the seller Seu Francisco for tips on peeling cassava

Image: Playback/TV Globo

Ana and reporter Ju Massaoka tried to make the cut live at Globo’s studios, but they couldn’t.

After insisting on shelling—and the “Praça É Nossa” jokes—the global presenter gave up. All that was left was to say hello to Mr. Francisco and the maniocs.

Every day you peel cassava. He trained 26 years to come and show us. We have thin cassava here and cassava just like you. Much better to see your Francisco peel. Ana Maria Braga

Good morning, Namaria.

We don’t have to watch!

We want to keep Seu Francisco in a jar that is so precious.

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