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Unimed Catanduva is concerned with disseminating quality information to guide and prevent the population in the health area. Therefore, the cooperative promoted a series of actions to encourage breastfeeding during the Golden August, which is the month dedicated to this very act. healthy between mother and child.

Entitled “Amor nourishing health”, Unimed Catanduva’s campaign involved guidance and awareness activities for pregnant mothers, in addition to advertising pieces distributed in various media.

Juliane Viana Guidoti, mother of Théo Augusto, received guidance from the HUSD team — Photo: Unimed Catanduva/Divulgação

In the first week of August, pregnant mothers admitted to Hospital Unimed São Domingos (HUSD), in Catanduva, received information about the importance of breastfeeding for mother and child, strengthening the bond and ensuring the health of both. During the action, gifts and pamphlets were also delivered.

For Lohan’s mother, Elinaira Nayara Vono, guidance was fundamental. “At first, it was a little difficult for him to get his chest. With the guidelines I received at the hospital, I’m finding it easier to breastfeed.”

Mom Elinaira Nayara dos Santos with the hospital team at Unimed Catanduva — Photo: Unimed Catanduva/Publishing

Mother of twins Inácio and Luísa, nurse Maria Paula Costa Menezes sought to circumvent the challenge of double breastfeeding by seeking as much information as possible. “I always wanted to breastfeed and had doubts about how I would do with the twins. Even informing me, we had a lot of difficulties in the beginning. With the help of a breastfeeding consultant and the maternity nursing team, we were able to overcome all the difficulties. The most exciting day was when I managed to breastfeed them both at once”, she recalled.

Nurse Maria Paula Costa Menezes with twins Inácio and Luísa — Photo: Unimed Catanduva/Divulgação

In addition to being beneficial for the health of the mother and baby, breastfeeding strengthens affective bonds, as explained by operations and retail analyst Juliane Viana Guidoti, mother of Théo Augusto. “The greatest connection experience between baby and mother is during breastfeeding. When breastfeeding, you laugh, cry, sing, talk and create a bond that is totally for you and your child. In such a new world, I could count on a loving and competent team.”

Why is breast-feeding important?

Rich in vitamins, proteins, antibodies, fat and water, breast milk helps newborns to develop, guaranteeing the nutrients they need in their first six months of life. Consumption prevents diarrhea, respiratory infections, risk of allergy and even reduces the chance of obesity.

The benefits for the baby are many, as well as for the mother and for the relationship between them, as shown in the table below.

Advantages of breastfeeding

for momfor the baby
Faster weight reductionHealthy weight gain
Decreased intrauterine bleedingDecreased risk of developing respiratory diseases
Affection and bond between mother and child, as breastfeeding promotes eye contactDoes not cause cramps

The medical recommendation is that breastfeeding occurs at least until the child is 2 years old, as it provides nutrients that are not found in any other milk. Therefore, it is important to seek correct and accurate information from experts, who will be able to provide support for this process to be successful.

Opening the Breastfeeding Week, Unimed Catanduva’s Health Live addressed the theme “Breastfeeding”, with nurse Raíssa Somer Silva, coordinator of the ICU Maternal-Infant at the Unimed Catanduva hospital.

Doubts are quite common, so all the support at this time is essential. “As soon as the mother leaves the post-operative period, we take the baby for the first contact and, with that, the first exercises to encourage breastfeeding”, he said.

Unimed Catanduva’s Health Live addressed the theme “Breastfeeding” — Photo: Unimed Catanduva/Divulgação

The nurses help in the process, advising on massages and stimuli that contribute to breastfeeding and on how to make the correct attachment. Information is also provided during the Be-a-Bá Baby course offered to pregnant women by Unimed Catanduva.

The live was recorded and is available on the cooperative’s official social networks via Facebook ( and Instagram (@unimedcatanduva). The course for pregnant women requires registration by calling (17) 3531-3140.

Unimed is the largest health plan in the country, present in practically the entire national territory. In Catanduva, there are more than 300 doctors specializing in different areas for the health care of its beneficiaries.

In 2021, the Catanduva cooperative celebrated the Golden Jubilee with more than 40,000 customers and 740 employees, in addition to a complete accredited network, with healthcare professionals, clinics and imaging laboratories, and its own service network .

The cooperative offers preventive medicine services, with therapeutic groups, courses and follow-up to company employees, vaccine clinic, laboratory, home care, hospital and own laboratory.

Unimed Catanduva is present in 19 municipalities. Visit the cooperative’s website to learn more about the plans.

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