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Vitória Ethics Committee says that PC anticipated R$ 65,000 of its remuneration

Photo: Ulisses Gama/ Bahia News

Vitória’s Ethics Committee found that Paulo Carneiro, president of the club, made advances on his monthly remuneration, which totaled almost R$ 65,000. The information is contained in the report made by the agency.

The report points out that Paulo Carneiro has the habit of making periodic “vouchers”. There are advances of various amounts. The advance of amounts is only allowed upon approval by the Deliberative Council, which did not occur.

Photo: Reproduction

In 2017, Ivan de Almeida, president at the time, used an expedient similar to that of Paulo Carneiro and advanced two months of his salary. He was investigated by the Deliberative Council, ended up returning the amounts, but he resigned his term in November of that year (remember here).

Just to put it in context: Paulo Carneiro is not an employee of Vitória. He has a statutory relationship, in which he is authorized by the Deliberative Council to receive a monthly remuneration of almost R$26 thousand. The bond does not entitle you to vacations or receiving a 13th grade, as it is not considered a labor relationship.

An extraordinary meeting of the Deliberative Council of Vitória was scheduled for September 2 to deal with this and other issues highlighted in the report of the Ethics Commission, which requests the temporary removal of Paulo Carneiro for reckless management.