‘Ballada’ at stake: Atltico wants new millionaire award at the Copa do Brasil

(Photo: Staff Images)

Strong in all competitions, the athletic aim one new millionaire award – this time, in the Brazil’s Cup. If he eliminates Fluminense in the quarterfinals, which will have started this Thursday (26), Galo will guarantee another R$7.3 million.

So far, over the entire course of the tournament, Galo has totaled R$7.85 million. Cuca’s men have already left Remo (third stage) and Bahia (round of 16) along the way.

The award is of paramount importance for the progress of Galo’s ambitious project. With one of the best squads in the country at its disposal, Atltico benefits from the partnership with businessman Rubens Menin to hire heavy reinforcements and return to being one of the candidates for the main titles.

In addition to the money, the Minas Gerais club is also seeking to return to the path of great achievements. Since 2014, when it was champion of the Copa do Brasil against rival Cruzeiro, Atltico has not raised the main cups – even though it has been champion of Minas Gerais four times in this period.