Biah Rodrigues leaves home to avoid thinking about Sorocaba

The model, who is seven months pregnant, took the couple’s oldest son, one year old, to enjoy the relaxing days with her: “I’ll really enjoy Theozinho here“, he began, noting that the resort has an area designed for children. “Part of my family from Brasília also came, and we manage to warm our hearts a little“, added the influencer.

Biah Rodrigues exhibited advanced pregnancy belly on social media

Although she did not say it directly, it is likely that Biah Rodrigues did not accompany her husband because of the length of her pregnancy. The influencer showed, on Tuesday (24), that the seven-month belly has been growing non-stop. “Feeling full,” she explained to youtuber, adding that she was still hungry.

As the birth approached, YouTuber started taking Pilates classes to prepare for the big moment. According to his plans, the idea is to do the activity at least three times a week. The rest of the days, Biah continues to strive to maintain a healthy exercise routine, which includes walking and cycling at the gym. Sometimes even Theo himself appears to encourage her.

Biah Rodrigues has already exalted Sorocaba as a father

In a recent outburst on her Instagram stories, the influencer explained that it’s not just her who’s been missing her husband: Theo also misses her father. She assured that she tries her best to distract her son, to prevent him from feeling the absence so much, but she stressed that the presence of Sorocaba, as a father figure, has always been essential. “During the day they ride in a cart, Fernando helps me with meals and everything else,” he explained, using the artist’s real name.