Bolsonaro predicts “chaos” if the STF changes the time frame for indigenous peoples

posted on 08/24/2021 9:15 PM

  (credit: Reproduction / Focus of Brazil)

(credit: Reproduction / Focus of Brazil)

President Jair Bolsonaro criticized this Tuesday (24/08) the revision of the timeframe. The president also said that he hopes that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) does not change the 1988 date and that if this happens, “it would be chaos for Brazil and also a great loss for the world.” The statement took place during a recorded interview with Canal Rural.

“It was decided when the demarcation of the Raposa Terra do Sol Indigenous Land was discussed here. Everything is pacified that the area occupied by the indigenous peoples until 1988 would be indigenous land. Unfortunately, a new discussion was opened within the Supreme Court. be specified. Whether 2000, 2020 or in the future, whichever date is best. If that happens, we may immediately have hundreds of new areas in front of us to be demarcated,” he pointed out.

“In addition to the damage to the rural producer, who many have family members who occupied that land for over 100 years. These lands that are currently productive could no longer be productive. And other reserves, due to their geographic combination, could make other productive areas unfeasible. . It would be chaos for Brazil and also a great loss for the world. We hope that our Federal Supreme Court does not change this date, this new time frame, which was set as 1988,” he added.

Even today, six thousand indigenous people from more than 170 peoples protested in Brasília against the time frame. The groups occupied the Esplanada dos Ministérios and have been camped at the site since the weekend. They also keep vigil with lit candles in front of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and await the judgment by the Court, which begins this Wednesday (25th), at 2 pm.

The session will define the future of indigenous land demarcations in the country. With the status of “general repercussion”, the decision taken in this judgment will serve as a guideline for the federal administration and all instances of Justice, as well as a reference to all processes, administrative procedures and legislative projects with regard to demarcation procedures.

“Justice in the field”

Bolsonaro also said that the measures he has taken, including the non-demarcation of new indigenous lands and quilombolas, were not intended to “please the peasants”, but “to do justice to him”.

“Today the farmer doesn’t sleep anymore worried about the next day, that he could be agreed with an ordinance of the Ministry of Justice considering his farm as indigenous land. That was removed. You have to have discretion, you have to have responsibility and you have to have a legal guarantee for you to demarcate an indigenous land. In the past, it was done almost “a bangu” [de qualquer jeito]”.

The head of the Executive pointed out that these measures, which he characterized as “rationality in the question of indigenous land, encourage the Indian to produce”. “We don’t demarcate any of them, you encourage the Indian to produce. This ends the conflict between the indigenous and the rural producer. These measures all reduce the temperature, reduce the pressure and we left for normality, so that we can live together today, each more and more, with these populations that are integrating with us,” he concluded.