Borja on the difficulty of shirts 9 at Palmeiras: ‘All who arrived, suffered’

Striker Miguel Borja, currently in charge of attacking Grêmio, after being loaned once more by Palmeiras, spoke to ESPN about his spells at Palmeiras and mentioned that, in his opinion, there is a general difficulty for the center forwards to establish themselves in Verdão .

– Three center forwards passed through Palmeiras, three shirts 9. First, Barcos, an Argentine, then Barrios and then me. I don’t know what goes on at Palmeiras, but it’s not easy to be the 9th there. Today, Deyverson and Luiz Adriano are the center forwards and are going through difficulties. It’s not just with Miguel Borja, the problem is with others, too. I don’t know if it’s the game plan of Palmeiras, which doesn’t match the 9 shirts, but the attackers who arrived suffered.

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Borja spoke about the issue days after Deyverson had a very bad match against Cuiabá and was the victim of widespread criticism from fans and critics. No wonder the southpaw lost five clear chances to score. With this, the shirt 16 became the player who lost the most clear chances, in a while, in the last 6 Brazilians (since 2016). And Luiz Adriano didn’t even leave the reserve bank.

Borja Loan once again

The negotiation was made on loan. For this, the athlete renewed with Palmeiras for another year, until the end of 2023, as one of the conditions imposed by the club to materialize the negotiation with the club from Rio Grande do Sul. The agreement should yield US$ 1 million (R$ 5.21 million) to Verdão’s coffers and will extend until the end of 2022.

The club from Rio Grande do Sul will have the right to purchase 50% of the striker’s rights for U$ 2.5 million (about R$ 13 million at the current price) at the end of 2021. If it does not exercise this option, Grêmio must release Borja if o Palmeiras receive (and accept) an eventual proposal.

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In addition to receiving a salary of around 100 thousand dollars (R$ 520 thousand, in the current notation) in full from the club from Rio Grande do Sul, the Colombian must also receive compensation that will raise their salaries to R$ 800 thousand per month, including salaries, gloves and other charges.

Since the striker returned from loan to Junior Barranquilla, director Anderson Barros made it clear that the player was not in the board’s plans and that he welcomes his departure to generate cash and balance the club’s finances. The amount paid by Grêmio should be used to offset the debt with Crefisa.

Borja arrived at Palmeiras in 2017 as the biggest signing in the club’s history for R$33 million paid through the sponsor, but he never managed to live up to expectations. For Verdão, he was Brazilian champion in 2018 without any prominence, and, out of the plans, ended up on loan to Junior Barranquilla, where he got good performances.