Camilla de Lucas picks up on MC Poze after joke about pregnancy

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Kerline talks about psychiatric treatment after BBB21: “I’m neither Hitler nor Stalin”

First eliminated from ‘BBB21′, Kerline said her time on the reality was traumatic, especially after her fight with Lucas Penteado. At the time, Lucas accused her colleague of being prejudiced and disingenuous, and even compared her speech with Nazism. “I had to undergo psychiatric treatment. To understand that I was nothing like what they had tried to put in. It’s no use being sure of the values ​​you have and what you are, if I subject you to abuse or manipulation, you come to question yourself” , he vented. Also read No stereotype! Gabriela Prioli breaks patterns with pink lipstick, high heels and discussing politics Paloma Bernardi dreams of being a mother and talks about pressure: “I want to be prepared” Maitê Proença at 63: “Masturbation is wonderful” In reality, Lucas’ speech happened after Kerline says that if you said something that was offensive or prejudiced, your intent was not harmful. “You’re not bad on purpose. But when the guys came up with the idea of ​​the third reich, they also said it wasn’t on purpose,” fired the brother. Then Nego Di added: “When Stalin carried out that massacre there, it wasn’t bad either.” Shocked, Kerline fell silent and withdrew from the conversation. Kerline then said he tried to talk to Lucas after ‘BBB21’ but couldn’t settle the score. “I’m never like Hitler or Stalin, never, I’ve never heard that in my life. I don’t know what went through his mind, I looked for him to talk, my advisor too, but he just didn’t want to talk to me. After I went call me, he came out a big shot, he didn’t want to mess with the story”. Download the Yahoo Mail app in less than 1 min and get all your emails in one place Subscribe to the Yahoo Newsletter in 3 Minutes now